Online Marketing

Online Marketing 

Essentially, Internet marketing is using the Internet to do one or more of the following:

Communicate a company's message about itself, its products, or its services online.
Conduct research as to the nature (demographics, preferences, and needs) of existing and potential customers.
Sell goods, services, or advertising space over the Internet.
Internet Marketing Components
Components of Internet marketing (or online marketing) may include :

  • The Science of IMI
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Display Advertising
  • Data Science
  • Design + Development
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Email Marketing
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Affiliate Marketing

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The Challenge

Tracking the Results of Internet Marketing Strategies

Let's face it: the average home business operator is not awash in cash. If you're going to be spending money on strategic Internet marketing initiatives, you'll need to track how effective they are. As you do so, you'll discover which Internet marketing strategies work for your business and which do not. And, you can learn from the mistakes you make in your Internet advertising campaign to improve your skills and enhance your success. Knowing what's worth spending money on and what isn't is very helpful in developing Internet marketing strategies as your business matures.

What We do

Here at Ygm we keep track of your performance  with different software programs, Not only do we create strategic Advertising campaign for company, we test different ways to market your company even help you with website optimization and if we need to redesign your website we will let you know.

We use Search engine marketing and optimization allowing your name and website to appear on a list of search engine results such as google bing yahoo. With a strong SEO strategy, your company website will become associated with the keywords used to find your services. This increases your chances of being the company an individual chooses to work with when selecting a company that offers your services or products.

What We Achieved

 we have helped  many companies increase their Profitability 10x they are extremely happy with the results  we have worked with real estate companies with large portfolios managing their ad campaigns keep track of there software such as  apartmentguide and many others  

we take a step by step approach to achieve the best results for our clients we care about our customers if they don't succussed we do not exist  .
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