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Website Design

What is Multi-Screen

Websites are now being displayed on a multitude of various screen sizes and devices. Smartphones, tablets, Televisions, gaming consoles and E-readers are a few examples. Responsive or Multi-Screen friendly websites adapt to the visitors screen size. This doesn’t just mean the screen shrinks to fit, a good responsive multi-screen website will rearrange the content structure of the website to suit the visitors device and also introduce new features to the website layout to make navigation easier. 
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Setting up a website , consisting of text, images and possibly audio and video elements used to convey the company's message online, to inform existing and potential customers of the features and benefits of the company's products and/or services. The website may or may not include the ability to capture leads from potential customers or directly sell a product or service online. Websites can be the Internet equivalents of offline brochures or mail order catalogs and they are a great way to establish your business identity.

What makes a Responsive theme great!
A great responsive multi-screen website should make a visitors experience enjoyable. Keep in mind that you can write the best content on the internet for your website but if a website is ugly and hard to navigate traffic won’t spend enough time on the site to find what they are looking for.
A good responsive website theme should allow you to create a second menu bar that is displayed only when a visitor is viewing your website on a mobile phone. Limiting the number of pages displayed in a mobile navigation is important, try to include your key pages. This helps reduce the bounce rate of your website on mobile devices, when a visitor is bombarded by a massive number of navigation menu options it just makes it harder for them to find your good pages.
Do images fit? Is the text too small, or is it just too big.  
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